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August 12, 2021 City Council Regular Meeting
25. Recommend Approval to Procure Three Replacement Self-Contained Compactors from Reaction Distributing, Inc., $67,467
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Reaction Distributing, Inc. will provide three new Self-Contained 35-yard Compactors as per defined bid specifications. Current compactors have reached its useful lifecycle and are rusting through, making them unable to contain the refuse liquid. The liquid spills onto the ramp and must be constantly cleaned and deodorized. This is a 2021 approved budget item. Following July 7, 2021, Commission Meeting, a request for reference was submitted by staff and received from Tina Phan, Administrative Coordinator of DeKalb County, and Tamika Miles, Policy and Project Manager of the DC Department of Public Works. Each reference provided a favorable response for Reaction Distributing, Inc. Their responses noted that Reaction Distributing, Inc, was reliable, dependable, professional, and delivered a quality product as requested and that they would continue to do business with them again. A request for reference was also submitted to Mr. Cliff Sallee, Director of Public Works of Hartville, Tennessee. Mr. Sallee advised staff that his department procured two units from Reaction Distributing, Inc. and have had good service from both.


The following bids were received:

Company DBE/CID Bid Amount

 Reaction Distributing, Inc. D/6            $67,467.00

Products, Inc. D/6                                $81,418.00

Baker Waste Equipment D/6                $85,344.00

Dawoud Stevenson, Director of Program Management
Financial Impact
Expenditures of amount $67,467 from Savannah Airport Commission Funds
Review Comments

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