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April 25, 2024, City Council Regular Meeting
14. Petition of Robert L. McCorkle, Agent for Ramsey Khalidi, LLC for a Text Amendment to Section 5.4 to Add the Indoor Amusement Use as a Limited Use in the I-L (Light Industrial) Zoning Districts (File No. 24-000624-ZA). (Continued from the March 28, 2024 Council Meeting; Item will be continued to the May 9, 2024 Council Meeting.)
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Good Government

*** During the March 28, 2024, Council meeting, City Council remanded this petition to the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) for reconsideration.  They also continued the item to the April 25, 2024, City Council meeting. This item will be continued to the May 9, 2024 Council meeting.*** 

The Petitioner is requesting approval of a petition to amend Article 5, Section 5.4, Principal Use Table, to permit ‘indoor amusement’ uses as a ‘limited’ use in the I-L (Light Industrial) zoning district. Savannah’s Zoning Ordinance defines an ‘indoor amusement’ as inclusive of such activities as “pool halls, bowling lanes, game arcades, escape rooms, haunted houses, skating rinks and similar uses.” The Ordinance specifies that the term does not include ‘adult entertainment.


On February 27, 2024, the Planning Commission recommended denial of the requested text amendment to permit 'indoor amusement' uses in the I-L (Light Industrial) zoning districts as a limited (L) use.  

During the meeting, the Planning Commission approved the following alternative recommendation: 

  1.  To permit ‘indoor amusement’ and ‘indoor sports facility’ uses as a Limited Use (L) in the I-L zoning district in Section 5.4, Principal Use table, with the following use-specific standards to be included in Article 8, Section 8.5, Industrial Use Standards for Limited and Special Uses:

Section 8.5.14 Indoor Amusements and Indoor Sports Facilities

When such use is located in a I-L zoning district:

a.  Such use shall be permitted only on a property sharing at least one zoning boundary line with property having a zoning classification other than I-L or I-H.

b.  All activities shall be conducted indoors.

c.  The proposed use shall maintain I-L buffers with adjoining uses in accordance with the requirements of the zoning district; however, where the proposed use adjoins a residence or residential-zoned property, an 80’ buffer with double-staggered plantings or a berm shall be maintained adjoining the existing residential use or residential-zoned parcel. A reduction of this standard shall only be permitted through approval of a Special Exception by the Planning Commission in accordance with Sec. 3.12.2.a.iii.

d.  Such use shall occur in a standalone building not shared by an industrial use. Where an indoor amusement or indoor sports facility is proposed within the same facility or parcel as an industrial use, a Special Exception shall be required from the Planning Commission.

2. To amend Section 3.12.2.a of the Zoning Ordinance regarding Special Exceptions, to include consideration of “colocation of an ‘indoor amusement’ or ‘indoor sports facility’ use in the same facility or on the same parcel as an industrial use."

3.  To include Theatre, Cinema, and Performing Arts as a limited use.

Bridget Lidy, Senior Director, Planning & Urban Design Department
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Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendation (File No. 24-000624-ZA).pdf
Exhibit 2: Proposed Ordinance Revision (File No. 24-000624-ZA).pdf
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