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April 25, 2019 City Council Regular Meeting
8. A Presentation of a Certificate of Appreciation from Scenic Chatham to the Staff of the 311 Call Center
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Scenic Chatham's Co-Chair, Ardis Wood will present the staff of the 311 Call Center with a certificate of Appreciation.  The 311 Call Center provides a local telephone number (311) and an online form for the initiation of service requests.  Service requests can be made for a variety of City services including drainage problems, special trash pickups, and street repairs. 


Scenic Chatham began in the Fall of 2018 when a group of community leaders in Chatham County, Georgia met together and decided it was time to take action to preserve the visual and built environment of the Coastal Empire.  For years, the beauty of Chatham County had been eroded through poor planning practices, the construction of digital billboards, and the clear-cutting of trees along major highways and interstates to produce a jarring visual effect that detracts from the natural beauty of our County.  Scenic Chatham is delighted to assist all municipalities and unincorporated Chatham County, Georgia.



Ardis Wood, Co-Chair of Scenic Chatham
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