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April 25, 2019 City Council Regular Meeting
26. Motion to Amend the Budget and Capital Improvement Program
Strategic Priority
Good Government

During the year, supplemental budget adjustments are necessary to maintain the adopted legal level of control set forth in the 2019 Budget Ordinance.  These supplemental appropriations may modify expenditures and revenues within any fund.  This adjustment also includes changes to the Capital Improvement Fund.

The following appropriations will make final adjustments to the operating and capital budget to close-out FY18 as follows:

Capital Improvement Program

  • $2.7 M - Wage Adjustment Reserve
  • $3.0 M - Hudson Hill Community Center
  • $2.0 M - Sidewalk Repairs
  • $5.8 M - City Lot Relocation
  • $13.5 M - Total

Service Center Appropriation

FY18 Operating Budget Closeout

Service Center Appropriation


Interfund Transfers

$ 4,436,666.00

Public Safety

$ 547,000.00

Public Safety

$ 119,000.00

Community Development Fund

$ 60,000.00

Grant Fund

$ 352,000.00

Hazardous Material Team Fund

$ 11,000.00

Auto Rental Tax Fund

$ 126,000.00

Per Occupied Room Fee Fund

$ 1,630,000.00

Total $7,281,666.00


Attached are supplemental transfers within the FY19 operating and capital budget to support Council authorizations within the first quarter and necessary transfers to fund various business and service needs.



Melissa Carter, Chief Budget Officer
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Q1 2019 Operating Budget Adjustments.pdf
Exhibit 2: 2019 Q1 Workforce Amendment.pdf
Exhibit 3: Capital Budget Amendment Details.pdf
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