April 13th, City Council Meeting
Motion to Consider Request by Savannah River Landing Land JV, LLC, Owner, to Rezone a 56-acre Site on East President Street From PUD-MXU to SRL-PUD (MPC Reference File No. 17-000452-ZA)

Petitioner is requesting to rezone an approximately 56-acre site on the northeast corner of East President Street & General McIntosh Boulevard from a PUD-MXU (Planned Unit Development-Mixed Use) zoning classification to a proposed Planned Unit Development (Savannah River Landing PUD) zoning classification.

The subject site is located east of the Historic District and is generally bounded by General McIntosh Boulevard to the west, Truman Parkway to the east, the Savannah River to the north and President Street to the south.

The SRL-PUD district is a new district proposed by the petitioner and is also on the agenda as a text amendment to the zoning ordinance (File No. 17-000455-ZA). The rezoning is subject to the approval of the proposed SRL-PUD amendment.

According to the petitioner’s application, the reason cited for the creation of and rezoning to a specific PUD is to “[c]reate [a] comprehensive and predictable land planning guide for future development” of the property. This includes a revised master plan.



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