April 13th, City Council Meeting
Motion to approve a Memorandum of Agreement with Chatham County concerning reimbursement of costs for the Whitefield Avenue Police Precinct.

Chatham County has constructed a new Police Precinct facility at 9306 Whitefield Ave for Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department operations. Under terms of our intergovernmental agreement with Chatham County, the City has administrative custody and ownership of certain capital assets, equipment and supplies, including the technological infrastructure that supports the operations of SCMPD. Because the City will be maintaining the equipment at this facility, it is the City’s preference to order the equipment needed to outfit the Whitefield Precinct under existing City contracts for purposes of warranty and continued vendor support. Chatham County will then reimburse the City for all costs associated with procuring and installing the equipment. An MOA with Chatham County is necessary to formalize this agreement.



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