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April 11, 2024, City Council Regular Meeting
35. Approval of Task Work Order No. 4 with AECOM for Architectural and Design Services for the In-line Checked Baggage Inspection System, in the Amount of $1,281,180.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The Scope of Services for Task Work Order No. 4 includes design phase services for the proposed In-line Baggage System Project. The design will convert Savannah Airport Commission's (SAC’s) existing mini in-line baggage system to a full in-line system. The SAC applied for and was offered a grant through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to complete this work. The grant will fund 95 percent of the design. Upon conversion from the mini in-line to a full in-line baggage system, the SAC will increase its capability to screen checked baggage from 180 bags per hour to 680 bags per hour.



Dawoud Stevenson, Director, Program Management
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $1,281,180 from the Savannah Airport Commission Fund
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