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October 26, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Award Contract for Design Services for Travis Field Water Reclamation Facility to Thomas & Hutton (Event No. 5436)

Recommend approval to procure design services from Thomas & Hutton in the amount of $970,500.00.

The existing Crossroads Wastewater Treatment Plant is nearing capacity. A new facility is to be built on the site of the previous Travis Field wastewater treatment plant to meet Environmental Protection Division requirements for discharge to the Savannah River. The project will consist of a new treatment facility, including equalization, screening, grit removal, treatment basins with membrane equipment, disinfection, influent and effluent monitoring, effluent pumping station (and repairs to the existing Travis Field forcemain), solids digestion and dewatering, and buildings to house electrical equipment and controls and administrative and laboratory activities.

The facility will be designed for the ultimate capacity of the site (approximately 7 million gallons per day) and constructed in two phases with the necessary bidding and construction overview services for the first phase included in the contract. The project will add much needed treatment capacity to serve future residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

The MWBE goal for this project was 7% (5% MBE and 2% WBE). The recommended proposer submitted MWBE participation of 7%, with 5% MBE using Coastline Consulting Services and 2% WBE using Long Engineering.



John Sawyer, Public Works and Water Resources Bureau Chief
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