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October 24, 2019, City Council Regular Meeting
6. Presentation of a Life Saving Award to Advanced Firefighter Joseph Alamillo Recognizing His Heroic Actions
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

The City of Savannah has made a significant commitment to train the men and women of the Savannah Fire Department as Emergency Medical Technicians. In less than two years, Savannah Firefighters are already using their enhanced knowledge and skills to make a tremendous impact on the community. The same courageous and dedicated firefighters who have always been first on scene to rescue citizens in emergency situations are now providing even better patient care under unimaginably stressful and difficult circumstances.

Recently Advanced Firefighters Joseph Alamillo went above and beyond the call of duty to use his EMT skills to save a life. On June 22, 2019, while off duty and enjoying a Savannah Bananas baseball game with his fiancé, Advanced Firefighter Joseph Alamillo noticed a citizen lose consciousness in the stands. He immediately stepped up and offered to help. When he was unable to find the man’s pulse, Alamillo initiated emergency care. He administered chest compressions for more than two minutes until the man regained consciousness. The man was alert and talking when EMS arrived. He has since recovered.


Present the Award

Derik Minard, Chief of Fire and Rescue
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