October 12, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Appearance by Bernie Polite of Community Help, Inc., to Discuss Home Repair Grants for Low Income Homeowners

Bernie Polite, President of Community Help, Inc., will make an appearance to discuss how the local nonprofit raises funds and works with the City of Savannah Housing Department to provide home repair grants to low income elderly and disabled homeowners.

Community Help, Inc. has raised $119,812.00 to help 64 low-income Savannah households with home repairs since partnering with the City in 2012. This includes using $21,555.00 to help 14 families in 2017. Community Help, Inc., was formed as part of a call to action by St. Phillip Monumental AME Church to serve needy Savannah residents and partners with organizations to provide other services for the needy. A motion to formally present this resolution appears in the resolution section of the agenda.

Martin Fretty Director, Housing Department
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