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November 9, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Procure Palm Tree Replacement Planting Services from Turf Services Unlimited (Event No. 5444)

Recommend approval of the procurement and installation of 60 sabal palmetto trees from Turf Services Unlimited in the amount of $71,250.00.  A total of 60 trees will be planted along portions of Victory Drive and East 54th Street and will be overseen by the City of Savannah's Park and Tree Department.

The locations for planting of the trees were determined by the Park and Tree Department based on lost trees due to traffic accidents, extreme weather events, and attrition.  The contract will include procurement, installation, mulching, and bracing of the trees and monthly watering for one year.  Planting shall be completed within six months from date of award and will be guaranteed for a period of 12 months.




William (Ted) Buckley, Landscape Architect
Financial Impact
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