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May 12, 2022 City Council Regular Meeting
9. Recognition of the City of Savannah Developmental Services Department for their Dedication to Ensuring that Building Construction in Savannah is Safe and Resilient, thereby Protecting us in the Buildings Where We Live, Learn, Work, and Play.
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Recognition of the Development Services Department for their dedication to ensuring that building construction in Savannah is safe and resilient, thereby protecting us in the buildings where we live, learn, work and play. We would also like to recognize the efforts of this hard-working team in 2021 during the pandemic, when the local investment in building construction reached the second highest year on record with a total valuation of $594 million. The only year that eclipsed last year was 2019 and the record level that year was due to the issuance of the building permit for the City’s arena project. In 2021, the level of investment in new residential construction was $121 million, which was the highest level on record. Throughout 2021, the department performed more than 2,300 building plan reviews, issued more than 4,300 building permits, and performed more than 24,800 construction inspections all while keeping the public and staff safe during the pandemic.



Heath Lloyd, Assistant City Manager and Chief, Infrastructure & Development
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