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May 12, 2022 City Council Regular Meeting
26. Approval to Renew the Professional Services Agreement with Blue Voyage Productions in the Amount of $74,060 for High Impact Video Presentation Services.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Blue Voyage has been working with the marketing department over the past two years to capture footage for presentations and commercials to promote the airport and its services. The footage is also used in community outreach projects, meetings with the Federal Aviation Administration, the Georgia Department of Transportation, and legislative presentations. The scope of services for the agreement includes creating videos and presentations which convey historical, current, and future capital improvements at the airport, historical and forecasted air service trends, and the I-95 interchange. Additional videography includes interviews with industry experts and regional partners, which capture the airport's economic impact and footage of airport engagements throughout the year.


Recommend Approval

Mr. Dawoud Stevenson, Director of Program Management / IT
Financial Impact
Expenditure of $74,060 from Savannah Airport Commission Funds
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