May 11, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Notification of Emergency Procurement of Thickener Parts from Walker Process Equipment (Event No. 5156)

Notification of emergency procurement of thickener parts from Walker Process Equipment in the amount of $138,000.00.

The President Street Wastewater Treatment Plant uses thickener tanks to thicken wasted sludge from the system prior to dewatering. One of the tanks has been in service since 1974. In April, that tank's center column experienced a failure. The column is a pipe that feeds sludge to the tank and acts as a support for all of the moving parts inside the tank. As a result of this failure, the thickener’s walkway dropped from its supports into the tank and caused damage to the tank’s carriage assembly.

While the President Street Plant’s process can continue operating without this tank in service, it cannot sustain this operation for an extended period of time and remain in compliance with Georgia Environmental Protection Division. Walker Process is the original manufacturer of the equipment and was able to respond immediately without the need to retrofit the parts.



Lester Hendrix, Water Reclamation Director
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