May 11, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Procure Victory Drive Median Sod Installation (Event No. 4916)

Recommend approval to procure sod installation services from Turf Services Unlimited, Inc. in the amount of $45,720.00. This project will enhance the historic Victory Drive Median. The sod will be installed on the median of Victory Drive extending from just west of Skidaway Road by the intersection at Shuptrine Avenue to the City’s eastern boundary at Downing Avenue, and will be overseen by the City of Savannah’s Park and Tree Department.

The awarded contractor will prepare the site, amend the soil, and install centipede sod within the median and will also coordinate with the City’s irrigation contractor to insure that the installation of all sod is completed within 30 days after the irrigation system is installed.



Gordon Denney, Park & Tree Director
Financial Impact
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