May 11, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Declare Surplus and Available for Sale Part of Atlanta Street and Adjoining Lane to the Savannah Chatham County Board of Education

Request a 0.0137-acre portion of Atlanta Street and a 0.041 -cre portion of an adjoining lane be declared surplus and available for conveyance to the Savannah Chatham County Board of Education (BOE), subject to conditions. Further request authorization for the City Manager to sign and execute the Quit Claim Deed and closing documents.

The BOE is developing a new Haven Elementary School at 5115 Dillon Street and is requesting the City quit claim a 0.0137-acre portion of Atlanta Street and a 0.041-acre portion of an adjoining lane. The BOE is already developing these City properties with an entrance, parking lot, and landscaping as part of the new school project. If these parcels as so granted, the BOE would re-plat the parcel as part of its larger adjoining holdings.

The proposed plat recombination has been reviewed by Development Services, the Bureau of Public Works and Water Resources including Park and Tree, the Sanitation Bureau, and Real Property Services, and the following condition is recommended if approved:

  1. The unopened portion of Atlantic Street contains water, sanitary sewer lines, and stormwater facilities. An unobstructed utility easement of not less than 10 feet from any facility owned, operated, and/or maintained by the City shall be retained by the City, or all water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater facilities shall be relocated outside the property at no cost to the City.

The BOE has requested a donation of this property. The BOE is a valued local governmental partner and works with the City on several real property issues; including joint use of recreation facilities.



David Keating, Director of Real Property Services
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