May 11, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Declare Lane Surplus and Available for Sale to Douglas Kaufman (Petition 170026)

Request to declare surplus and available for sale the 15-foot lane of City-owned real property located east of 409 Orchard Street (PIN: 2-0074-50-003), west of 407 Orchard Street (PIN: 2-0074-50-004), south of West 48th Street and north of Orchard Street (Formerly West 47th Street); and authorization for the City Manager to execute related deeds and closing documents.  

The Petitioner owns property adjoining this lane and petitioned the City via Petition 170026 to acquire the property. The 15-foot lane is unimproved. The property owner has submitted a survey of the 15-foot lane as part of his adjoining property. SAGIS does not indicate the existence of the 15-foot lane. The legal descriptions of other adjoining parcels (owned by SCAD) describe a bordering 15-foot lane. The lane has a few trees and is enclosed by a chain link fence. The Petitioner is seeking to acquire the lane to extend his yard and recombine lots 106, 107, 108 and 109. The Petitioner intends to develop the assembled site with a food truck court.

This petition has been reviewed by Development Services, the Bureau of Public Works and Water Resources, and Real Property Services. The following conditions are noted:

  • The City will sell the lane if it is sold in its entirety, with no remnant remaining.
  • By law, the lane would be offered for sale to the adjoining property owners first.

If this matter is approved, the City will procure a current appraisal of the market value of the property to establish the sale price of this right of way.



David Keating, Director of Real Property Services
Financial Impact
TBD based on appraisal
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