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March 29, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
10. Motion to Amend Article L of the 2018 Revenue Ordinance to Provide for Discounts to the Fire Services Fee
Strategic Priority
Good Government

During the fiscal year, adjustments to the Revenue Ordinance are necessary to implement programs approved by the Mayor and Aldermen or recommended by staff. This amendment will implement discount programs for all property classifications covered under the Fire Services Utility Ordinance, enacted by Council on December 21, 2017. The Fiscal Year 2018 Revenue Ordinance was approved by the City Council on December 21, 2017.

The following changes will be incorporated into the 2018 Revenue Ordinance, Article L – Fire Services Fee. Fire Service User Fee Charge Discounts are enacted by the Fire Services Utility Ordinance, Article H-Fire Services Fee, Sec. 3-2096.

Summary of Fire Protection Fee Discounts

The table below summarizes the user fee discounts available to public and private property owners who take action to reduce their fire risk. A single property may be eligible to receive more than one of the discounts listed below. However, the total Fire Fee Discount cannot exceed 20% for any parcel in the City of Savannah with the exception of parcels “Served by an Alternative Fire Department,” as described within the Discount Manual.

To obtain a discount, customers must submit an application to the Revenue Department, which contains all specified or otherwise necessary supporting documentation. Eligibility will also depend on demonstrating compliance with all applicable building codes.

An additional Fire Safety Fee Hardship Assistance Program will be enacted to assist income-eligible residential property owners with the challenge of meeting the financial obligation of the fire services fee. This program is not a discount to the fee, and will be administered independently of the Fire Protection Fee Discount Program. Residents anticipating application to the Fire Safety Fee Hardship Assistance Program (HAP) are encouraged to apply for all available discounts prior to making application to the Hardship Assistance Program.


Qualifying Customer

Discount Description

Percent Discount

Fire Devices

All customers

For devices that either help to suppress fire or warn occupants, including smoke alarms, CO detectors (if the building is served by gas), fire extinguishers, and hood suppression systems.

5% per type of device up to 15%

Residential Fire Evacuation Drills


For SFRS that develop an evacuation plan, and practice that plan in an annual drill.


Residential Fire Home Safety Survey


For residents who request a home fire safety survey of their household.


Automatic Sprinkler System Discount

All customers

Area covered by the fire protection system shall be removed from the needed fire flow calculation

Up to 15% discount for the area covered by the sprinkler system

24-Hour Fire Team

Industrial or Commercial


For facilities that have 24-hour staff on site with active duties that include fire safety, detection and prevention.


Emergency Operations Plan (EOPs)


For facilities that adopt EOPs that address fire safety, evacuation, and response and NFPA or Life Safety standards, are annually reviewed, updated, and rehearsed.


Praise and Preparedness Program

Houses of Worship and Non-Profits

For houses of worship and approved non-profits that participate in this Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA) program.

Up to 15%

Fire Safety Educational Training

Educational Facilities

For educational facilities that provide or facilitate fire safety training of their students by Savannah Fire.


Fire Wall


For buildings that have a two-hour fire rated dividing wall that encloses at least 20% of the total structure area.


Served by another Fire Department

Hunter Army Airfield; 165th

Air National Guard

Applies only to those properties in the City limits officially served by another fire department, where the City is not the authority having jurisdiction and primary statutory authority, and where the property is not located within the City’s Fire Service Area.








David Maxwell, Chief Financial Officer
Financial Impact
Reduced fire services fee revenue of up to 20% for each property.
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Savannah Fire Discount Manual
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