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March 1, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
35. Motion to Approve Termination Agreement for Woodlands at Montgomery
Strategic Priority

Woodlands at Montgomery is a 236-unit multi-family complex off East Montgomery Crossroad. The original water and sewer agreement between the developer (Herman and Kettles Properties Inc.) and the City was approved by City Council on October 12, 2017. The developer then recorded the agreement at the Chatham County Courthouse on November 28, 2017 (Book 1227, Pages 450-457). This recording is not standard practice, and was done in error.

Since this agreement, the developer has changed to Woodlands at Montgomery LP, and the lending institution is requiring that the name on the agreement change, and the agreement be removed from the records of Chatham County Courts. This requires a termination agreement to be approved by City Council, and a new agreement to be approved. The new water and sewer agreement also appears on the March 1, 2018, City Council Agenda.

This termination agreement has been reviewed and aproved by the City Attorney for legal format.



Abe Ghazi, Water and Sewer Planning and Engineering
Financial Impact
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Woodlands at Montgomery Water and Sewer Agreement.pdf
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