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March 1, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
15. Motion to Deny Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance Regarding the Plant Riverside Sign District Boundaries (Petitioner: Joseph R. Ross for RB-CIV Savannah Hotel, LLC)
Strategic Priority

This zoning hearing was continued from the February 1, 2018 City Council Meeting at the request of the petitioner, Joseph R. Ross for RB-CIV Savannah Hotel, LLC.

The petitioner is requesting a text amendment (File No. 17-007048-ZA) to expand the boundaries of the newly created Sec. 8-3122 Plant Riverside Sign District in the northwest section of the Savannah Historic District to include the hotel currently under construction across River Street to the south at 412 Williamson Street.

On November 21, 2017, City Council approved the creation of Sec. 8-3122 Plant Riverside Sign District at the recommendation of the Planning Commission (File No. 17-004435-ZA). At that time, the justification for the creation of a new sign district for the area was primarily to recognize and reflect the unique history and character of that particular site, commonly known as Plant Riverside, as the entire site was once part of Georgia Power Company and consists of 3.875 acres.

MPC staff determined that the proposed expansion of the Plant Riverside Sign District does not appear to be based on a desire to reflect the historic physical characteristics of the area, but rather a desire to increase the types, sizes and amount of signage allowed. Expanding the district undermines the purpose of creating the Plant Riverside District, which was justified in part due to its unique history as the power plant for the city. The proposed expansion area is not historically associated with that use

On January 9, 2018, the Planning Commission voted to recommend denial of the proposed expansion of the Plant Riverside Sign District.



Tiras Petrea, Principal Zoning Inspector
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Planning Commission Recommendation 20180109 Plant Riverside Sign District Text Amendment.pdf
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