June 22, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting (Amended June 20, 2017)
Motion To Establish the A-1 Zoning District and Create Zoning Use Classifications for Campgrounds and Recreational Vehicle Parks (Petitioner, MPC staff)

The purpose of this amendment is to establish the A-1 (Agriculture) zoning district in the City of Savannah Zoning Ordinance. This change would incorporate a district that collectively allows more agricultural, residential, recreational and some accessory uses within the same district but limits retail and industrial uses. The proposed A-1 district will also incorporate certain uses that are not currently addressed in the City Zoning Ordinance, particularly campgrounds and recreational vehicle parks.

The creation of an A-1 district will allow uses and establish comparable development standards that can serve as an appropriate transitional or mixed-use district for the city and surrounding rural or residential land uses.

The Metropolitan Planning Commission requests the creation of an A-1 (Agriculture) District, including amendments to the following ordinance sections:

  • Article A. (Generally)

    • Sec. 8-3002 (Definitions)

  • Article B. (Zoning Districts)

    • Sec. 8-3021 (Established)

    • Sec. 8-3025(d) (Schedule of Development Standards)

    • Sec. 8-3025(b) (Provisions regarding uses in the C districts and R districts

  • Article E. (Signs)

    • Sec. 8-3112(a)(2) (Sign Permits-Required; Sign Clearance and Height; Maximum Height for Freestanding Sign)

    • Sec. 8-3112(i)(6) (Sign Permits-Required; Principal Use Sign; Nonresidential Zoning Districts)

    • Sec. 8-3112(k)(3) (Sign Permits-Required; Directory Sign)

The Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of this request at its May 16, 2017 Regular Meeting.



Shane Corbin, Zoning Administrator
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