June 22, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting (Amended June 20, 2017)
Motion to Procure Construction Services for the Mills B. Lane Bridge from Massana Construction (Event No. 5053)

Recommend approval to procure construction services from Massana Construction in the amount of $763,600.00. The services will be used by the Traffic Engineering Department to rehabilitate the Mills B. Lane Bridge.

While the Georgia Department of Transportation was conducting an annual inspection, it recommended reparation to the bridge. In 2015, the City of Savannah’s independent structural engineer performed an inspection and recommended a number of repairs to bring the bridge into compliance. It includes raising the existing bridge to repair existing bearing plates, replace existing hardware associated with bearing repair, repair spalled concrete, removal and disposal of existing lead paint from steel structure and repainting the steel structure.

A permit has been secured to work within the right of way of CSX. The cost of this permit was $ 70,000.00. This permit is required and provides a CSX flagger to coordinate construction activities as it relates to train movement schedules.

The MWBE goal for this project is 14% (7% MBE and 7% WBE). Massana Construction submitted MWBE participation of 14.2%. Anatek, Inc. is a WBE firm and will contribute 7.2% participation. SRC Ventures, LLC. will be utilized for 7%.



Michael Weiner, Traffic Engineering Director
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Mills B. Lane Purchasing Summary.pdf
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