July 6, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting (Amended July 5, 2017)
Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance Regarding Hotels (Petitioner, City of Savannah)

The City of Savannah, petitioner (MPC File No. 17-002806-ZA), requests amendment of the Zoning Ordinance to redefine hotel categories, change the permitted zoning districts, add use conditions, amend the bonus floor provision for large scale development, and change the off-street parking space requirements. The proposed text amendments are intended to support the City’s goal of limiting the size and impact that hotels have on the Savannah Historic District, and other areas, and encourage more residential development in the Downtown Savannah area.

The Planning Commission voted to recommend denial on June 6, 2017.

An Ordinance To Amend Part 8, Chapter 3, Zoning, To Amend Article A. (Generally): Section 8-3002 (Definitions) To Establish A Definition For Hotel, Small (16-54 Rooms), Hotel, Large (55 Rooms Or More), And Lodging Accommodations; Article B (Zoning Districts): Section 8-3025(A) (C And R Use Schedule) And Section 8-3025(B) (B And I Use Schedule) To Establish Use Standards And Conditions For Hotel, Small (16-54 Rooms) And Hotel, Large (55 Rooms Or More); Section 8-3030(N) (Historic District) To Amend The Bonus Floor Provision; Section 8-3028(D) (Victorian District Use Schedule); Article D (Off-Street Parking And Service Requirements): Section 8-3089 (Minimum Requirements For Off-Street Parking Areas) And Section 8-3090 (Exempted Uses And Special Off-Street Parking Requirements For Specified Zoning Districts) To Remove Provisions For Parking Reductions For Lodging Accommodations; Article K (Mid-City (Thomas Square) District Zoning Ordinance): Section 8-3200 (Definitions) To Eliminate The Inn Definition; Section 8-3216 (Traditional Commercial Districts (Tc-)) To Change The Hotel, Motel Use To Hotel, Small (16-54 Rooms); Section 8-3219 (Commercial Use Standards) To Establish Conditions For Hotel, Small (16-54 Rooms); To Repeal All Other Ordinances In Conflict Herewith And For Other Purposes.


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Shane Corbin, Zoning Administrator
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