July 22, 2019 Special City Council Meeting
1. Motion to Approve an Intergovernmental Agreement with Chatham County for the 2020-2026 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Per our discussion at the July 18 workshop, each of you sent me a list of projects for the Council’s consideration as a substitute to my list of recommendations, as follows:

Requested Priority



Southside Community Center

$ 12,000,000

Lease expires May 2021; no renewal


$ 1,000,000

Request to start 90-mile trail project

Abercorn Streetscape, Phase 1

$ 3,000,000

Request for streetscape: DeRenne south

Liberty City Parking Expansion

$ 300,000

Request to add needed parking

Woodville Community Center

$ 1,500,000

Renovate Woodville

Tremont Community Center

$ 1,500,000

Renovate Tremont

Hudson Hill Community Center Park

$ 3,000,000

Renovate Park at Hudson Hill

Highlands Road Project

$ 10,000,000

Road widening and improvements

Project DeRenne--Phase 1 (Add funds)

$ 4,000,000

$11.1M funded (Boulevard=$70M)

South Liberty Drainage

$ 3,000,000

Coordinate County Westlake Drainage

Springfield Canal--Staley to Feiler

$ 3,000,000

Is this same as above?

Fairgrounds Infrastructure

$ 3,000,000

Extend utilities to fairground


$ 45,300,000


Springfield Canal--Phase 3

$ 300,000,000

Liberty City basin to I-16

Please note that $3 million remains available for distribution. The prior list included Casey Canal South Drainage at $25 million to add to existing funding of $15 million for the project; however, the engineering estimates show the project at $37 million. In other words, $3 million now remains available for use in other projects. Any projects beyond $3 million will require reduction in spending from the recommended list; however, this decision remains fully within the Council’s discretion.


Finalize a project list, and approve the Interlocal Agreement with Chatham County

Patrick Monahan, City Manager
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: DRAFT IGA - SPLOST VII (2020-2016) Final.pdf
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