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July 19, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
11. Motion to Approve the Naming of Veterans Memorial Park
Strategic Priority
Good Government

This petition requests the properties located adjacent to the southernmost end of the Harry S. Truman Parkway and bounded by Abercorn Street to the south and east, and Abercorn Frontage Road to north and west, be named "Veterans Memorial Park".

The property is located within Aldermanic District 6, and the land is comprised mainly of grass with a few trees on the west end. This park is the location of a large American Flag, which was dedicated on July 3, 2018. 

This property is owned by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT). GDOT has formally agreed to allow the City of Savannah to name this property. The property originally served as an apartment building called Plantation Oaks Apartments, but was demolished to allow for the construction of the Phase V of the Truman Parkway.

The name Veterans Memorial Park is recommended to honor all military veterans who have and continue to serve the United States of America. This location is important because of its position on a highly visible thoroughfare connecting to Hunter Army Airfield.

All historical documentation and claims have been verified by the Municipal Records & Archives Department.

This petition was examined by the Greenscapes Division and was unanimously approved by both the Park & Tree Commission and Metropolitan Planning Commission's Historic Sites and Monuments Commission. 

The petition has met all the requirements and is in accordance with of the City's Public Property Naming Ordinance Section 4-1102 - 'Naming new facilities or public property'.



Joe Shearouse Jr., Office of Municipal Operations
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