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January 4, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Amend Article A, Chapter 1, Part 7 of the Code of Ordinances to Add Section 7-1031 A to Restrict Deliveries by Large Trucks Within Parts of the Historic District

The intent of this Code Amendment is to regulate the use of large commercial vehicles utilizing the public rights of way way within the downtown area of the City, largely compromised of the Historic Landmark District. This regulation is essential to preserve the architecturally significant infrastructure, protecting the historic tree canopy, reducing hazardous traffic conditions and promoting the general health, safety and welfare of Savannah’s residents and visitors.

This Code amendment prohibits trucks or other vehicles totaling greater than 34 feet in length, including but not limited to all tractor-trailer rigs and all vehicles with more than three axles, on any public right of way within the area bounded by and including River Street on the north, East Broad Street on the east, Gaston Street on the south and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on the west.

The following segments of roadway shall be excepted from application of this section:

1.  Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard between Bay Street and Gaston Street;

2.  Bay Street between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and East Broad Street;

3.  Montgomery Street between the terminus of I-16 and Oglethorpe Avenue;

4.  Liberty Street between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and the Civic Center’s entrance facing Tattnall Street; and

5.  Oglethorpe Avenue between Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Montgomery Street

Owners and operators of vehicles subject to the prohibition set forth in this section of the Code may apply for a temporary use permit for any one of the following purposes:

1. To deliver goods, supplies, materials or equipment associated with construction projects, including both new construction and existing structure renovations;

2. To deliver goods, supplies, materials or equipment in the event of a local emergency or disaster;

3. When hired to facilitate moving the contents of a residence or commercial establishment;

4. Deliveries and staging associated with commercial film productions or City-sponsored or sanctioned special events.

A temporary use permit shall be valid for a limited duration dependent upon the nature of activity for which the permit is obtained. No person may apply for or receive more than 24 permits during a calendar year. In no event may a temporary permitee make or effectuate any deliveries between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., noon and 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Any person in violation of this section shall be subject to a $500 fine.



Mike Weiner, Traffic Engineering & Streets Director
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