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December 7, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Procure Traffic Signal Cabinets from Temple, Inc. (Event No. 5704)

Recommend approval to procure 12 traffic signal cabinet assemblies from Temple, Inc. in the amount of $75,156.00. The cabinets will be used to replace existing damaged cabinets, upgrade existing cabinets, and for new construction. Pricing for this equipment was obtained using the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) annual contract for traffic signal electrical equipment. Use of state contract pricing is authorized as an appropriate procurement method in Division 10, Section 2-4154 of the City of Savannah’s purchasing ordinance.

GDOT used the competitive bid process and awarded contracts to several selected vendors for the purchase of traffic signal electrical equipment. For the items sought in this procurement, Temple, Inc. holds the GDOT contract. The use of this contract ensures that GDOT current specifications and equipment upgrades are met.



Mike Weiner, Traffic Engineering Department
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