August 17, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve Hold Harmless Agreement with AECOM Concerning Use of the Fell Street Box Culvert

AECOM, as representative of the Central of Georgia Railroad/Bernuth Lembcke SIte #10095, is performing correction action under a Georgia Hazardous Site Response Act O.G.C.A. Section 12-8-90 et seq., (as amended) to seal or line interior portions of the City's Fell Street box culvert in the vicinity of the Fell Street Pump Station, in Georgia Ports Authority Ocean Terminal.  

AECOM proposed to Georgia EPD, on Central of Georgia's behalf, to prevent migration of contaminants into waters of the State, by sealing the Fell Street box culvert, which conveys storm and ground water into the Savannah River. The proposed action is a pilot project, subject to Georgia EPD review before an additional scope is prepared under EPD rules and regulations.



Roger Raines, Stormwater Director
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