August 17, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve First Amendment to Lease Agreement with Savannah Riverboat Company

This item is continued from the July 20, 2017 Council meeting. The City has facilitated meetings between the Riverboat and Savannah Waterfront Association, to help clarify and develop mutually agreeable solutions associated with this proposed dock extension. Both parties have requested that this item be continued to the meeting of Sept. 14, 2017, to allow this process to continue. 

The First Amendment to the Lease Agreement allows the Savannah Riverboat Company to install a 75-linear-foot barge at the eastern end of the company's dock. The barge will provide additional space to accommodate Savannah Riverboat's second passenger vessel, currently moored on the north bank of the river. The company currently leases dock space on River Street for the purpose of conducting excursion tours and dinner cruises. The agreement was originally established in 1991. The current agreement expires September 30, 2021.

Under this lease agreement the Savannah Riverboat Company will assume all capital costs and maintenance of the barge. The Savannah Riverboat Company will also assume all necessary insurance costs and name the City as an additional insured party.

In addition, the Savannah Riverboat Company will allow the Savannah Fire & Emergency Marine Operations access to the tenant’s gangway for ingress & egress to gain access to the City’s recreational dock during the duration of this lease. 



Continuance to Meeting of September 14, 2017

Sean Brandon, Mobility and Parking Services Director
Financial Impact
Cost neutral to the City of Savannah.
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Riverboat Lease Agreement - 10-1-2011 to 9-30-2021.pdf
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First Amendment to Lease Agreement - Savannah Riverboat Company.pdf
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