August 17, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve Rights-of-Way Acquisition Contract with Georgia Department of Transportation for DeLesseps/LaRoche Avenue Improvement Project

The City is planning to widen Delesseps/LaRoche Avenue to provide bicycle lanes and sidewalks from Waters Avenue to Skidaway Road. The City will be receiving federal funds for this project. The project will involve the acquisition of easements and strips of rights of way across 120 parcels.

The design/engineering phase of the project is almost complete, and the City is now transitioning into the rights-of-way acquisition phase of the project. Once acquisition is completed over the next 24 months, then construction may commence.

The estimated cost for the Rights-of-Way Phase is $3,016,000.00. Funding is provided by Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) in the amount of $2,284,000.00 (federal funds) and the remaining $732,000.00 is funded by the City.

The City is now required to enter into a contract with GDOT for acquisition of rights of way in order to remain eligible for federal reimbursement.



Michael Weiner, Traffic Engineering & Streets Director
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