August 17, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve Right of Entry Agreement with Chatham County for Truman Linear Park Trail - Phase IIA

Recommend approval to authorize the City Manager to execute a right of entry agreement with Chatham County allowing the County access to City-owned parcels along Phase IIA of the Truman Trail.

The construction of the Truman Linear Park Trail is a joint effort between the City and the County to build a fully accessible off-road path for non-motorized recreation along the Truman Parkway. When completed, the trail will be approximately six miles long and extend from Lake Mayer to Daffin Park. It will link 827 acres of existing park land within the City limits and will connect over 25 neighborhoods. 

Phase IIA of the trail spans the distance between Lake Mayer and the north side of DeRenne Avenue at Jenkins High School. This portion of the trail will be located along the east side of the Truman Parkway. This agreement will allow the County to begin construction of this phase of the trail.



Nick Deffley, Director of Sustainability
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