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August 13, 2020 City Council Meeting
47. Approval of an Amendment to the 2020 Budget Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Implement Fund 217 – COVID19 Response Fund.
Strategic Priority
Good Government

This fund will be used to account for and report the proceeds related to CARES ACT and other grant revenues that will be committed to specified Coronavirus response and mitigation expenditures incurred within city cost centers.

This action is necessary to maintain compliance with O.C.G.A. 36-81-5(b) in support of amending the estimated revenues and appropriations for funds adopted in the FY 2020 Budget as follows:

COVID19 Response Fund Revised 2020
Total Estimated Revenue $10,000,000
Total Appropriation $10,000,000

It is recommended that City Council authorize the City Manager to amend the 2020 Budget Resolution related to the Coronavirus pandemic as outlined above


Georgia Code, Title 36-81-5(b) verbiage: 

(b) The proposed budget shall, at a minimum, be an estimate of the financial requirements at the legal level of control for each fund requiring a budget for the appropriate budget period and shall be in such form and detail, with such supporting information and justifications, as may be prescribed by the budget officer or the governing authority. The budget document, at a minimum, shall provide, for the appropriate budget period, a statement of the amount budgeted for anticipated revenues by source and the amount budgeted for expenditures at the legal level of control. In accordance with the minimum required legal level of control, the budget document shall, at a minimum, provide a statement of the amount budgeted for expenditures by department for each fund for which a budget is required. This does not preclude the governing authority of a local government from preparing a budget document or establishing a legal level of control at a more detailed level of budgetary control than the minimum required legal level of control.


Recommend approval.

Melissa Carter, Senior Director of Office of Management and Budget
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Exhibit 1: Resolution - COVID-19 Relief Fund
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