April 13th, City Council Meeting
Motion to Approve Procurement of Replacement Breakers (Event No. 5078)

Recommend approval to award a sole source contract to Electrical Equipment Upgrading Engineering and Technical Services (E.E.U.) for the purchase of a Siemens GEHR Vacuum Replacement Breaker.  E.E.U. will continue to provide the stability of the main incoming power at the President Street Waste Water Treatment Plant. The existing breakers are original to the President Street facility and have been in continuous service since the 1970s. The existing breakers are tested and inspected periodically, and it is becoming difficult to continue to maintain these breakers due to parts availability. This is a sole source because there is only one manufacturer that makes a direct replacement. E.E.U. is the only known vendor that will work on high voltage systems. 



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Replacement Breakers Funding Verification Form.pdf
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