April 13th, City Council Meeting
Motion to Approve Ordinance Rezoning 6500 Waters Avenue from PUD-IS-B to O-I

An ordinance to rezone 6500 Waters Avenue from a PUD-IS-B (Planned Unit Development – Institutional) zoning classification to an O-I (Office Institutional) zoning classification.

On March 16, 2017, City Council approved the request from Von Trapp Animal Lodge, LLC to rezone 0.57 acres at 6500 Waters Ave., the site of a former plant nursery. The petitioner wishes to rezone the property from PUDIS-B to O-I in order to establish a Use 25, animal hospital, veterinary clinic, animal boarding place, or animal grooming salon. This proposed use is permitted by right in the O-I zoning district.

The site is surrounded by civic/institutional uses (churches), commercial (a beauty salon), and office uses (medical offices). The proposed use (an animal boarding kennel) will not adversely affect the nearby uses. This rezoning is an effective “downzoning” of the property. 



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