April 13th, City Council Meeting
Motion to Approve Ordinance Prohibiting Commercial Truck Through-Traffic and Parking

An ordinance to prohibit commercial truck through-traffic on Highlands and Benton Boulevards, Shellbark Way, Basswood Drive, and Shortleaf Crossing; and prohibit parking on Shellbark Way, Basswood Drive, and Shortleaf Crossing, in Aldermanic District 1.

This ordinance request follows Council's approval of the March 30, 2017, traffic engineering report recommending the same prohibitions. The future extension of Benton Boulevard as the Effingham Parkway would make Shellbark Way, Basswood Drive, and Shortleaf Crossing attractive as short cuts to avoid a traffic signal at Benton and Highlands Boulevard. The roads within the Highlands planned unit development width are 25 feet, allowing for two 12-foot travel lanes only, leaving insufficient space for on street parking.



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