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April 12, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
27. Motion to Approve Savannah Facility Modification Other Transactional Agreement Grant with Transportation Security Administration
Strategic Priority

The Savannah Airport Commission recommends approval of Savannah Facility Modification Other Transactional Agreement Grant with the Transportation Security Administration in the amount of $4,666,228.05. The Airport Commission is receiving a grant from the TSA to make further improvements to the screening and handling of checked baggage at the airport.

Phase 1 of the improvements (which is currently under construction) is replacing and rerouting old conveyors and adding additional new conveyors to centralize TSA’s bag screening operations, which benefits both the airport and TSA. The airport paid for the Phase 1 construction, and TSA paid to move and recalibrate its explosive detection system bag screening machines.

Phase 2 of the improvements is to fully automate the Phase 1 improvements into a mini in-line bag screening system. The airport will be responsible for construction, and TSA will provide new bag screening equipment. This will be done via an Other Transaction Agreement Grant with the TSA, which will fund 95% of the construction. TSA has approved the airport adding the Phase 2 work to the contract with the project's Phase 1 contractor via change order.



Brooks Stillwell, City Attorney
Financial Impact
Other Transaction Agreement Grant - Department of Homeland Security/TSA Funds in the amount of $4,666.228.05
Review Comments
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