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April 12, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
20. Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance Regarding the TC-2 Zoning District within the MLK/Montgomery URA and the Boundaries of the Mid-City District (Petitioner: Harold and Josh Yellin for River East Management, LLC)
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

The Mayor and Aldermen approved this text amendment request following a zoning hearing at the March 29, 2018, City Council Meeting on the condition that this text amendment shall be site specific to the related rezoning action approved under File No. 18-000496-ZA.  The action being considered now is the approval of an ordinance to amend the Zoning Ordinance with the following language:

Sec. 8-3199

Extends the Mid-City District boundaries to include the area to be rezoned as described in the related rezoning action approved under File No. 18-000496-ZA.

Sec. 8-3216(4)

(b) For the parcels bounded by West 31st Street to the north, Montgomery Street to the east, West 32nd Street to the south, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to the west, the following standards apply:

i.      Ground Floor Area: No maximum ground floor area shall apply;

ii.     Rear Yard:  No rear yard shall be required.

River East Management, LLC, Petitioner, represented by Harold Yellin/Joshua Yellin (HunterMaclean) initial request was to amend the Mid-City TC-2 (Traditional Commercial-Corridor) zoning district to do the following for only the TC-2 zoning districts within the Martin Luther King/Montgomery Urban Redevelopment Area (URA):

1) Eliminate the maximum ground floor area (building footprint) requirement of 10,000 square feet; and,

2) Eliminate the minimum rear yard setback requirement of 10 feet. An update to the Mid-City District boundary description is also included and is necessary if the property is rezoned as described below.

3) Extend the maximum building height from four stories/55 feet to five stories/65 feet.  This request was withdrawn at the February 20, 2018 Planning Commission Meeting.

In addition to the proposed text amendment, the petitioner also seeks a related rezoning of six parcels to the TC-2 district. The rezoning petition is scheduled for the same City Council meeting as this text amendment (See File No. 18-000496-ZA).

On February 20, 2018, the Planning Commission voted to recommend denial of the text amendment.



Bridget Lidy, Director of Planning and Urban Design
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Planning Commission Recommendation 18-000495-ZA.pdf
MLK, Jr. Boulevard and Montgomery Street Corridor Urban Redevelopment Plan
TC-2 within MLK-Montgomery URA Draft Text Amendment 18-000495-ZA.pdf
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